Thursday, 20 February 2014

La Comida Peruana II.

As some of you may remember, a while ago I did a little post about Peruvian cuisine. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't have many photos of what I was trying to describe, thus limiting what I could actually post about the amazing food they have over there! Peru is not the gastronomical capital of South America for no reason! 

Last time I gave a brief overview of what the general cuisine was like, and also showed you all what ceviche, anticuchos, papa rellena, arroz con leche, picarones and causa were. This time around, we have pachamanca, guinea pig, choclo con queso, Amazonian food and Andean food! Click through the link to have a further read!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

La vida en la calle // Street life.

Hi all - sorry for the lack of posts! I'm now back in Australia, and I've been busy organising everything here so I can move to Sydney and start university in a week. Not to worry though - I still have a lot of material from Peru that I haven't posted yet - street life, food and photo diaries!

Life on the street in Peru is so fascinating. I've always loved people watching, but in South America, it's so much more interesting. The people are so happy, and so much of their culture is portrayed through these few shots I've managed to snap in Lima, the Andes, and along the south coast.

You still see so many people dressed up in their traditional clothes, as rural Peru is relatively un-Westernised in comparison to the sprawling metropolis of Lima. Though, even so, Lima is still brimming with culture - food stands cover the footpaths, selling anything from kebabs to corn to sweets, little kids help their mothers sell their wares or go at it alone, shoe shiners sit on the ground and offer their services to passers by, children play with anything and everything on the streets, little carts are pushed around by men trying to sell icecreams, quail eggs or bread and women stop and chat on their way to the market. People pay attention to their surroundings, and everything is rather laid-back - none of the hustle and bustle nor all the rushing around like everyone here!